How we can help

We advise all classes of stakeholders in different industries and services providers when circumstances demand an objective, informed third party perspective. Our specialists can analyse challenging situations, identify options, and advise on courses of action.

We provide a wide spectrum of advisory services on all aspects of a company that contribute to a successful turnaround or restructuring, be it operations, finance or strategy and implementation.

  • Obtaining relief from creditors and guarantors and protection under contracts

  • Advising and protecting guarantors of loans, leases and other financial obligations

  • Advising on contract disputes and re-negotiations, modifying and enforcing contractual rights and third party beneficiary rights in insolvency situations

  • Advising on business streamlining and downsizing

  • Introducing clients to sources of capital by utilising our strong financial market relationships

  • Constructing recapitalisation plans using strategic debt and equity investments