Andrew Kan


Andrew is a Director in the JLA Forensic Team. He specialises in forensic accounting investigation, fraud investigation and litigation support work.

Andrew’s experience includes false accounting and corporate fraud investigations, assets tracing, anti-money laundering reviews, quantum of loss assessments, monitoring accountant engagements, family law matters, digital discovery administration, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) reviews and preparation of expert reports for criminal and civil litigation matters. He has been engaged in a number of major fraud investigations of listed companies in the Asian region. Andrew also has extensive experience working with law-enforcement agencies and the Department of Justice providing litigation support services.

Andrew is fluent in Cantonese, English and Putonghua.

Recent Engagements


Corporate Investigations
Andrew’s works include leading a team of forensic accountants to conduct an extensive investigation on the issues raised by the auditors of a Hong Kong listed company with operations in a number of provinces in the PRC and report the findings to the audit committee and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, assisting a group of Hong Kong and US lawyers in an arbitration proceedings involving an acquisition of a PRC logistic establishment by a US listed corporation, and being appointed as the Interim Chief Financial Officer of a company listed on the NYSE Amex Equities. Before the appointment of Interim CFO, Andrew led a team to conduct an internal investigation of the company and review its internal control system to ensure compliance with the FCPA and to identify any weaknesses in the system.

Corporate Investigations
Other notable assignments that Andrew has been involved in include managing a review of transactions totalling over HK$100 million in an anti-money laundering investigation; assessing the quantum of losses for separate assignments involve claims for breach of contracts in excess of HK$120 million and HK$98 million; investigating the accounting irregularities of a Hong Kong listed watch-making corporation; tracing misappropriated assets valued in excess of HK$2 billion of a listed Taiwanese conglomerate; investigating certain questionable transactions involving the PRC operation of a high profile website-portal service provider; investigating accounting irregularities and alleged trade finance fraud of one of the world’s largest optical manufacturers which involved reviewing transactions totalling approximately HK$2 billion; and investigating a whistleblower’s alleged claim about receiving kickbacks that occurred in the PRC operation of a multinational logistic corporation.

Litigation Support
Computer Forensic
Corporate Investigations
Andrew’s extensive experience in the various engagements covers clients involved in diverse industries such as manufacturing, securities broking, logistics, wholesale and retailing, printing, property management, information technologies, telecommunication, oil drilling and catering.