Kok Wing Chong

Chief Risk Officer

Kok Wing is the Chief Risk Officer of JLA Asia. He has broad experience in forensic accounting, insolvency management, corporate recovery and litigation support.

Kok Wing has been involved in forensic/investigation assignments for solicitors, audit committees, the Securities and Futures Commission, the Department of Justice, the Commercial Crime Bureau of Hong Kong Police and a number of Trustees.

He has been involved in a number of Family Trust matters relating to disputes amongst various parties, including family members who are beneficiaries; investigating transactions where trust assets were allegedly misappropriated, monitor operating companies held by a Trust, selling Trust assets, and tracing and valuing trust assets.

Kok Wing has managed a number of assignments for the DoJ and CCB relating to tracing and analyzing transactions and funds flow, anti-money laundering dealing with proceeds of an indictable offence and preparing Expert Witness Report for use in the Court. He has also been involved in assignments for the ICAC tracing transactions and moneys for alleged bribery, and preparing Expert Report.

Kok Wing is fluent in English, Cantonese and Malay.

Recent Engagements


Kok Wing was appointed with John Lees as independent administrators, by the court, to take charge of the distribution of the restoration amount of approximately HK$ 45 million to counterparties/ investors of Tiger Asia.
SFC Related Engagements

Corporate Investigations
In relation to the SFC assignments, Kok Wing has extensive experience in investigating misappropriation and/or unauthorized use of clients’ funds and/or assets by directors or account executives; investigation of clients transactions conducted by an unlicensed company conducting futures trading and the internal control review of operations of brokerages.