How we can help

Our team of insolvency specialists are highly experienced in acting as both independent and Court-appointed Receivers of particular assets or companies in a vast range of industries. We act fast and efficiently to locate and recover any hidden assets, to maximise recovery for secured creditors and to mitigate the risks faced by them.

We have been appointed as Receiver in different jurisdictions including Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

There are two ways in which we can be appointed Receiver:

Receivership under a loan or credit agreement

We can be appointed to act as Receivers under loan or credit agreements. The agreements contain provisions which grant debenture holders or other secured creditors the power to appoint Receivers. The Receivers in turn, are granted the right to exercise general control over all or part of the assets covered by the agreement. Our duties normally involve the protection of secured creditors’ contractual rights and repayment of amounts due to them through management of the company and realisation of the received assets.

Court Appointed Receivership

We have also acted as Court-appointed Receivers to protect and preserve assets which may be in jeopardy in situations where the company has failed to manage its own affairs, is involved in civil or criminal proceedings or where the directors or shareholders are in dispute.

  • Management, collection, securement and protection of assets on behalf of the government regulator, Court or secured creditors under the fixed or floating charge

  • Locating and recovering any hidden assets

  • Collection of income from properties

  • Examination of trading performance and business/ financial affairs

  • Operating the business and administration over the business affairs (when given the power to do so)

  • Seeking buyers and sale of the business as a going concern (when given the power to do so)

  • Realisation and disposal of the assets recovered at a best possible price

  • Distribution of recovered assets and properties to the secured creditors