How we can help

Administrations are not just related to insolvent situations, but also deceased estates and estates of mentally-incapacitated persons.

As an experienced Administrator, we can act as trustees or assist trustees or the insolvent company in a wide range of issues depending on the nature or type of situation. The following are some of the areas that we can provide assistance:

  • Manage the affairs of the company or the estate
  • Conduct investigations and valuations (where necessary)
  • Preserve and distribute assets before any dissipation occurs
  • Trace assets that may have been inappropriately transferred from the estate or trust
  • Assist to review the receipts and payments for operating companies and provide expert opinion on the valuation of a business/businesses
  • Provide professional advice on liquidity issues
  • Prepare estate accounts
  • Communicate with affected stakeholders such as employees, clients, regulators and beneficiaries and act as an independent third party to resolve dispute(s) between beneficiaries and other parties related to the estate
  • Court-appointed Administration under the Securities and Futures Ordinance

  • Deceased Estate Administrations

  • MIP Administrations