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A scheme of arrangement is essentially a legally-binding contractual arrangement between a company and its creditors, which enables the restructuring of debts or a compromise to be implemented. It may be proposed as an alternative to liquidation or implemented in conjunction with liquidation.

We are experienced in reviewing and analysing the affairs of companies in financial distress, proposing suitable and workable terms for a scheme of arrangement, drafting the scheme document and acting as the scheme administrator to ensure that the objectives set out in the scheme document are achieved.

We have implemented schemes of arrangement in connection with the workout of various listed companies, using the moratorium resulting from the appointment of Provisional Liquidators when faced with potential litigation from creditors. Our goal is to find the best solution for both the creditors and the debtor company.

  • Assessment and Analysis of Financial Position

  • Proposal for Scheme of Arrangement

  • Statutory Requirements

  • Restructuring and Operations

  • Funds to the Scheme Creditors