Litigation Support

Disputes and litigation have become a common part of our modern life. Businesses and individuals facing these situations have to deal with the stress and disruption it brings to their business and investments and the added burden of navigating their way through complex business structures and transactions.

How we can help

In any dispute or litigation, information and knowledge are the key to success. The role of a forensic accountant is to provide assistance to solicitors in respect of financial matters which are often aimed at verifying and reviewing certain facts and figures, accounting transactions and commercial arrangements.

Our forensic accounting team comprises individuals that are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with disputes and litigation. We work with lawyers and their clients to clearly define objectives. We bring clarity to complex situations where the relevant facts are buried in voluminous data or even when the facts themselves are disputed. Our team assists in every stage of an engagement, from early case assessment, to formulation of strategic questions with an aim of uncovering hidden facts, analysis of data and contracts, and providing our expert opinion in Court. We are skilled at identifying and resolving issues, and presenting our evidence in an objective manner.

  • Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution support

  • Quantum of Loss / Calculation of damages

  • Business Interruption and other insurance related claims

  • Expert Witness / Accountant advice and testimony

  • Single Joint Expert

  • Trust Disputes

  • Personal Injury

  • Employment Disputes

  • Shareholder and Joint Venture Disputes

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