Computer Forensic

Computers, smartphones and tablets have become an inseparable part of our lives. In today’s environment, almost all issues facing businesses contain significant Information Technology components.

How we can help

The ability to extract, preserve, analyse and present electronic evidence of the alleged wrongdoings in Court can be a powerful weapon in litigation or dispute resolution.

Our team of computer forensic specialists is geared to respond at very short notice. We are regularly called upon to obtain electronic data from multiple sources including computer hard drives, servers, laptops, and blackberries in an appropriate forensic manner. Our computer forensic specialists are skilled at analysing voluminous amounts of data and can recover hidden, deleted, fragmented, password protected and encrypted documents; remove duplicate information; and analyse all relevant data including email correspondence, word documents and excel spreadsheets.

Our Computer Forensic skills can assist you with internal reviews or investigations or in external matters such as criminal / civil litigation to identify and extract relevant evidence in areas such as:

  • fraud, bribery, corruption, or other breaches of compliance
  • employee misconduct (including theft of real or intellectual property)
  • the assertion or defense of claims (including warranty, breach of contract, etc.)
  • dissipation of assets
    • Preserve the evidence in a forensically sound manner

    • Analyse the relevant evidence

    • Liaise with the Police and other enforcement agencies

    • Present the evidence in a clear, concise and understandable manner

    • Testify in Court

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